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Terms, Conditions and Return Policies 

All prices shown are in US currency.
*** We offer free shipping for SEED ORDERS of USD 200+ with registered mail ***
*** SEED orders of USD 350+ qualifies for free shipping via EMS service ***
*** American and Canadian SEED orders of USD 450+ qualifies for free shipping via EMS service ***
*** If you would like door-to-door tracking and faster delivery times, you may opt for EMS shipping at your expense ***
*** Minimum Order is $120 before postage, orders below that will be canceled ***
Payment Option

At this time, we only accept PayPal.  



Depending on your quantity and our stock, you may experience a delay with your order.  Please be patient, we will ship your orders as soon as possible.  

Your order will ship with a phytosanitary certificate.  Before making your purchase, please contact your local regional Customs agency to inquire what kind of inspection is required to import adenium seeds or plants into your area.  Also, please confirm with Customs if there are any additional declarations that must be listed on the phytosanitary certificate.  Please add this information to "Add Note to Seller" on the check-out page.  Thank you.


We ship seeds by Express Mail Service (EMS), Air Parcel or Registered Mail (approximate shipping times are 5-21 days to Asia and Oceania, 10-20 days to Mexico, 7-30 days to all other regions). If packages are flagged for inspection, delivery times may be delayed.  Seeds will be packaged in bubble-wrap envelopes.  The names of the seeds will be clearly labeled on each plastic bag.


We ship plants by Express Mail Service (EMS) ONLY (approximate shipping times are 2-7 days to Asia and Oceania, 4-11 days to Europe, USA and Canada, 5-16 days to Central and South America, 4-9 days to Africa).  Plants are sent cleaned, without soil and leaves. They can survive up to one month in the carton.


A postal tracking number will be provided for EMS Shipping in an email after the seeds or plants are sent out.  You may track your package on your country's postal system's website, which we will try to provide.  Unfortunately, due to the postal system's nature, tracking is not available for registered mail.

For our Australian and Brazilian customers: due to the recent experience with Customs, we have replaced registered mail with air parcel option.  This option costs a little more; however, it offers faster delivery times and door-to-door tracking for your peace of mind. 


We are not able to ship seeds or plants to some countries so it is your responsibility to make sure your are able to import adeniums into your local area.

Please enter your correct shipping address in the shipping address field.  We are NOT responsible for orders mailed to an address not correctly entered.

Wholesale Orders

If you are looking for large quantities that are not displayed on a product page, contact us with the variety names and quantities and we will give you a quote.



Returns & Refunds

If you have any germination problems after sowing your seeds, please do understand we'll only refund your money or send replacement seeds IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE PHOTOS.  Depending on the varieties that are available during that time, we're NOT able to guarantee if we can replace the same seeds you originally ordered.  


The germination rate of each variety of seeds is different. The average germination rate is between 70% to 90%. We'll replace seeds for you only if the germination rate is lower than 40%.  The average germination rate of MINI SIZE WHITE SEEDS is 40%, WE DON'T REPLACE MINI SIZE WHITE SEEDS.

We produce seeds year-round.  We can promise you the seeds that we send you are fresh.

We will NOT replace seeds if you are a re-seller.  The reason being is that we don't know how long the seeds have been sitting in your inventory before going to the end user.  Thank you for understanding.


We are not responsible for plants or seeds lost in shipment or detained by customs.

If you want us to mail your returned seeds again, 50 percent of the order's subtotal plus postage would need to be paid beforehand. 




Planting Tips

After receiving the seeds, we suggest soaking the seeds in water for 2 to 4 hours before sowing in order to increase the germination rate.  After sowing, keep the soil moist for 10 days or until sprouts appear.  Please mind the temperature as that will affect the germination rate directly. The suitable 

temperature is between 20 to 35 degrees Celsius.  Please check the weather forecast before sowing.  It is recommended not to sow if it will be cloudy or rainy for the next 7 days. This may affect the germination rate.


Once you receive the plants, please plant it under shade if sunlight is too strong (above 30 Celsius). Only move under the sun when the leaves start to grow because strong sunlight can burn their skin.  It takes about 3 weeks from the time you pot the plant for the leaves to start growing and you will see flower buds in one month.


We cannot unconditionally guarantee seed to perform properly regardless of conditions or the buyer's methods or mistakes.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for shopping with us!
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