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Sowing Instructions:


1.  Mix white volcanic rocks, red jade soil, sand, kanuma soil (or perlite) and a little peat moss.
2.  Fill the seedling tray to the top with substrate and press lightly to form a flat surface.
3.  Distribute the seeds evenly over the surface.
4.  Cover the seeds with a little more substrate. 
5.  Water gently with a watering can.

Monitor the substrate moisture level.  Germination will not take place if the substrate is dry.

The optimal temperatures to sow seeds are between 25°C and 35°C.

Leave the seedling tray under a partly-sunny area; no direct sunlight.

After seeds have germinated for one month, you can leave the tray under full
and direct sunlight.  Continue monitoring the moisture level. The sprouts may die easily or grow slowly if not enough water.

Pachypodium Seeds Sowing Instructions

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